About Us


Tiga Creative

TIGA, consisting the first letters stand for; ‘This is Guerilla Art’. We are a bunch of creative people who like and enjoy working together and producing high quality stuff. We have directors, producers, director of photography, photographers, sound engineers, editors, graphic designers in our own formation and as our motto sais we aim to produce great stuff with lower budgets and higher qualities. With a passionate and educated crew, we can serve high-end production services for promo videos, commercials, music videos, Internet commercial films, etc. Or even we produce contents and work as a digital agency for some of our specific clients.
This crew mostly working together for the last 6 years have gathered under the name of Tiga Creative at the beginning of 2014. With our own equipment (cameras, lenses, grip and light), and cooperation with the leading post production studio in Istanbul, ABT, we serve a to z operation for all visual solutions.